Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flying Holy Undies..

So the Mormon church was busy this week..they kicked Kate Kelly to the curb.  She didn't do anything rash, like stop wearing her holy undies or douse herself in alcohol.  Nope far far worse then this. Kate Kelly asked the Mormon leaders to ordain woman. Oh, holy flying monkey poop. No worries, three male votes later they put her ass in the proverbial Mormon garbage pail.

"Kelly is the founder of Ordain Women, a group asking Mormon church leaders to take the matter of women’s ordination, which the church does not allow, “to the Lord in prayer,” much as President Spencer Kimball did in 1978 regarding the ordination of black men, who, prior to that, couldn’t hold the priesthood or enter LDS temples. Kelly was tried for apostasy in absentia by a three-man panel in her old congregation in Virginia (she currently lives in Utah) and has now been kicked out of the church she has been active in all her life. 
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Double Standard much?

So Hobby Lobby as you may know them for their cheap decorative items, glitter glue, various party streamers has apparently believe in the "literal reading of the bible" in public schools

From Stephanie Simon at Politico:
The plans that have been made public so far — including the high school curriculum — seem aimed at portraying scripture as historically accurate and an unequivocal force for good, said John Kutsko, executive director of the international Society of Biblical Literature, the oldest and largest organization dedicated to Biblical scholarship.

That approach fails to incorporate the latest scholarship, acknowledge that the Bible has also played a role as a tool of oppression or recognize different religious viewpoints, Kutsko said.

“It’s a simple, superficial, literal reading of the Bible,” Kutsko said.

In his view, that’s inappropriate both in a public high school and in a private museum that “by virtue of being adjacent to the Mall gives the impression that it’s almost a national museum,” he said.
I love it that Hobby Lobby has a double standard. They apparently don't want someone to come into their house and tell them what to do: in this case birth control and "gasp" that evil of evils Obamacare.  But are super willing to stomp in to someone else's house...in this case the realm of education and tell them what to do.

People with Double Standards like Hobby Lobby end up with bad things happening to them...

Thursday, June 12, 2014


So President Obama is visiting ND. Heading to the Cannon Ball, ND. I am always greatly amused when I see a President is coming to town. This is not the first time a President has been in close proximity to myself. Years ago I was working down south in Texas at a college and the President came to visit the college. I was super excited!  No worries, I got kicked off campus along with most of the other staff and sent home only the College elites got to rub shoulders with him. Nice....talk about making me feel like..."hey you aren't worthwhile.."  I wonder to this day if they picked actors to fill our positions so they looked good?

Now Obama is visiting Cannon Ball. I doubt he will see the "real" world of Cannon Ball. He will meet some charming elite people, see some awesome things, but I sincerely doubt he will see the "real" Cannon Ball.

Since Obama is in ND, he should really take a jaunt to the west side of the ND and see what kinda of nasty crap the oil industry has done. There is a fantastic reason we no longer venture into western North Dakota. Maybe if Obama is lucky he will almost be run over by rude truckers speeding...because that is the experience we get on vacation in western ND...near death experiences.

Hope Obama has fun in ND seeing the better side of everything. Because, Reality? You won't see that Mr. President. 

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